What happened to dinosaurs?

Lesson 1

Lesson objective: To acquaint pupils with one of the climate crisis in history that caused the extinction of dinosaurs 66 million years ago; to improve pupils' understanding of theconditions which are favourable to support life.


Planet Earth - unique place to live. Climate as supporter of life.

Lesson 2

Lesson objective: To teach students about our planet, its' history, different climates and habitats.


Natural phenomena I: rain, wind, hail, storm and tornado.

Lesson 3

Lesson objective: To acquaint pupils with various natural phenomena, types of precipitation and to explain the relationship between climate change and precipitation characteristics.


Natural phenomena II: earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and flood.

Lesson 4

Lesson objective: To learn about various nature phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and floods and how they are affecting climate change.


Why is the climate changing? Global warming.

Lesson 5

Lesson objective: To find out the causes of climate change; to identify the ways how to slow down the global warming.


The world of water

Lesson 6

Lesson objective: To give a notion that water is an important natural resource, to actualize the role of water; to create a careful attitude towards water resources.


Hot and cold deserts

Lesson 7

Lesson objective: To acquaint pupils with the living environment in the cold and hot deserts. To create an insight about the environmental changes, which are happening under the influence of climate warming.


Forests. What endangers forests? Forest fires.

Lesson 8

Lesson objective: To acquaint pupils with the structure of forests and the threats they face. To help pupils understand the importance of forests to the Earth and its climate.


Animals and climate

Lesson 9

Lesson objective: To teach students how did animals had adapted to their local climate and how they are suffering because of global warming.


Plants and global warming

Lesson 10

Lesson objective: To teach children about different ways plants suffer because of global warming and human influence. To show them how plants can be used to delay global warming and teach them about green cities.


What can be done to make the world clean and healthy? Green lifestyle.

Lesson 11

Lesson objective: To acquaint students with a green lifestyle. To help students understand what human activities can help conserve nature.


What will our planet Earth be like in 100 years?

Lesson 12

Lesson objective: To strengthen knowledge about the impact of climate change on Earth. To inspire pupils for practical environmentally friendly actions.